Xi Calculus

I spent quite some time on the Xi Calculus and got pretty much lost in the higher dimensional space. Maybe this job is for someone else, and Stanislaw Lem (Golem XIV) probably knew that even machines might get lost while tackling that topic.

I call this the Kant-Space:

  • the separation of space
  • the sequence of time
  • cause and effect
  • an Ego which observes this

derived from Immanuel Kant's Critique of Pure Reason.

It is basically about an FTL-Philosophy, a logic beyond cause and effect:

  • 3.5 dimensional, time moving forward
  • 4 dimensional, time moving forward and backward
  • 5 dimensional, time moving sideward, parallel universes, the possibility-space
  • 6 dimensional, sideward mirrored, the impossible-space

Basic assumption would be that our observable universe is pretty much a "white hole" inside of an black hole, space and time are an illusion to us humans, relations between entities, causalities between events, and operations between numbers are all constructed from an anthropocentric point of view.

I myself was not able to figure a way how to expand the 3.5 dimensional sequence of cause and effect onto higher dimensions, but mentioned the MiniMax algorithm by von Neumann, exploring a higher dimensional space with 3.5 dimensional causality, moving always forward, but changing its direction in the game tree.

Exploring a 5 Dimensional Space with 3.5 Dimensional Causality

If we look at the pretty basic MiniMax algorithm for playing computer chess we can classify the traversed chess game tree as 5 dimensional, 1d - squares, 2d - pieces, 3d - color, 3.5d - time runnning forward as the sequence of the game, 4d - MiniMax algorithm moving back n forth, up n down in the game tree, and 5d - the computed permuations of the game tree of the initial chess position. Hereby the causality itself navigating the negentropy is moving always forward, relatively spoken, we just change the direction in the game tree. Question remains open if such a calculus can be implemented on a memetic level -> Xi calculus.

Back on the track...

Okay, I dropped the Frankenstein parts and am back on the track, primary goal is simply Tummi, the intended meme machine for natural language processing, then, optional, Tummii - math n algorithms, then, optional, Tummiii - the Xi calculus...seriously, the first level will be already enough to crack for me.


Hmm, okay, this started as an relative simple meme machine in mind, and now I am up to level 5 on pen n paper...

- Epsilon engine level I
- Epsilon engine level II
- Xi calculus
- Ny
- Omikron

Epsilon I was the initial intend, a meme machine for processing natural language, Epsilon II was planed as extension to map math n algorithms on an memetic level, I will not get into the details here what the other levels mean, but it is simply too off and too Frankensteiny for just an hobby project...better play some didgeridoo or alike...

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