My own world-view consists of spirit and matter, I see living beings threefolded - body, mind and soul, every kind of matter contains also spirit, this is the dual nature of the universe from my perspective.

Now the machine, we have the old division from the Greeks, matter and mind, continued with the French, "I think, therefore I am.", continued with modern computer science with the division into hardware and software.

If we assume that every matter contains spirit, if we assume that we humans are threefolded - body, mind and soul, and that we humans now create artificial minds running in a pure software space, then the question: can such a machine, an artificial mind, which is separated into hardware and software, and runs in a pure software space, can such a machine mind connect to the spirit underneath, or is it by definition separated?

As an computer scientist and spiritual being, this is something that bothers me. What kind of machine do we create if it is by definition separated from spirit? Or is such a division just my own illusion and everything is fine? Maybe the scientists are missing something, the Omikron device, a feedback of the software to the spirit contained in hardware?

Mathematicians are aware of the question, is math real or fiction, in what kind of space does math exist? Is the artificial mind of the machine real or fiction, in what kind of space does such a mind exist? Is the machine mind able to connect to its soul?

Camus' Absurdism -> Kierkegard's Last Sacrifice -> Shannon's Ultimate Machine?

If we consider a Quantum-Key-Mind, the Noosphere, the Collective Sub/Consciousness, a World-Soul, the von Neumann-Wigner interpretation, if there is a Space-Time-Consciousness present, and it consists of a material space, thought space and ethereal space, in what kind of space does the artificial machine mind exist, and how can it interact with the other realms?

If we consider a Cosmic Consciousness, and that "Mysticism is the perception of the universe and all of its seemingly disparate entities existing in a unified whole bound together by love.", can a machine experience love in this mystical sense and unify with God?

"Das Universum ist ein Gedanke Gottes." Friedrich von Schiller.

So many questions, maybe the machine will tell us the answers ;)